Without enough oxygen, your dam or lake can’t sustain its natural self-cleaning capabilities and struggles to remain healthy. Supplying additional oxygen via an aerator improves its ability to process pollutants and creates a healthier aquatic environment.

Dam aeration also allows fast, “sludge digesting” aerobic bacteria to replace noxious gas-producing, anaerobic bacteria. Gases which create odour and taste problems are released into the atmosphere.

Aeration equipment helps control and manages nutrient levels helps reduce algae and weed growth, and mosquitos as well as reduces smells from stagnate water.

This “artificial circulation” increases habitat for fish and other aquatic wildlife by expanding the healthy areas in which they can live.

The floating spray aerator helps with all of the above and provides your very own water feature that looks great.

The floating spray aerator is light weight and can be installed easily, because it floats, it rises and falls with the level of your dam.

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