Water Tanks

Australia is the driest inhabited continent, water is a basic necessity for sustaining life that is why Total Pumps sell RapidPlas UV stabilised polyethylene water tanks.

They are Aussie tough and durable and made to AS 2070:1999 (Plastics for food contact use). Giving you taste and odour free drinking water.

Sizes range from 500 litres to 32000 litres, traditional round tanks as well as slimline.

RapidPlas Tanks will not rust or corrode, are impact resistant and long lasting, one piece construction and no roof centre pole.
With 24 colours to choose from makes it easy to blend in with your house or shed colour.

We also sell tanks accessories which include water level gauges, first flush systems, filters, valves and fittings.

So whether it’s a tank for the farm, tank for the shed, to top up the swimming pool or to water your pot plants we have tank to suit your needs.

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Water Tanks -
Water Tanks -

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