Water Testing -

Pool and Spa Water Testing at Total Pumps

Having your pool and spa water tested professionally at Total Pumps and Irrigation ensures your water has the correct Ph balance and alkalinity.

Many people ignore having their water tested until problems start to appear. Resolving these problems can sometimes be expensive so some simple maintenance is a good way to avoid issues.

By having the correct levels your water presents no health, eye or skin problems and limits problems with pumps and filters.

All you have to do is bring a sample of the water to Total Pumps in a clean container. We will then put the water through our exact testing standards, and Waterlink Spin, and deliver you a detailed report.

The professional staff at Total Pumps and Irrigation will then advise you on any treatments your water may need to bring it up to the best levels.

So call us today or drop into our showroom and talk to one of our friendly and experienced staff, to help you get the water ion your pool or spa ready for summer.

We recommend this is done sooner rather than later to avoid an algae problems, and impact on your filter and pump.

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