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Pool and Spa Cleaners from Total Pumps

Total Pumps & Irrigation supply and service an extensive range of pool cleaners in the Hunter Valley area.
The range consists of the latest robotic, suction and pressure pool cleaners. Amongst the products in our range are the ever popular suction based pool cleaners, mechanical gear drive pool cleaners, pressure pool cleaners and the newest hi tech robotic pool cleaners, both residential and commercial.

Suction Pool Cleaners are the most popular automatic pool cleaner in Australia. Designed to be a DIY product, suction cleaners simply attach to your skimmer box. They are powered by the suction of your filtration pump whilst they vacuum the floor in a random pattern picking up debris and placing it in the skimmer basket. Our extensive range of suction cleaners means we have a solution for every pool and pool owner.

Pressure cleaners work from a dedicated return line and run by water pressure from the pump. This water pressure drives the cleaner around the pool. Pressure cleaners don’t suck leaves and debris into your pool filter or pump basket, thereby taking the load off your filtration system. They are perfect for pools in leafy areas with heavy debris. Our range of pressure cleaners includes Pentair, Jet-Vac, Polaris and more.

Total Pumps & Irrigation provides an affordable and effective option for pool owners with a selection of robotic cleaners to choose from. Robotic cleaners work independently from the filter and pump and are driven by an electric motor inside the unit. They are self-contained, collecting dirt and debris in an onboard filter within the cleaner. Our range of robotic cleaners includes Dolphin, Astral Pools, Davey and many more.

Give us a call or drop into our showroom today, to talk to one of our friendly and experienced staff members; we can help you pick the right automatic pool cleaner for your specific requirements.

Pool and Spa Cleaners -
Pool and Spa Cleaners -

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