Salt Water Pool Chlorinators from Total Pumps

When a correctly sized saltwater chlorinator system is installed on your swimming pool, it means crystal clear water and a sparkling natural looking pool all the time.
Saltwater chlorination almost totally does away with having to manually add sanitizing chemicals such as chlorine, and the hazards of storing them.

Total Pumps & Irrigation can supply, service and install a wide range of chlorinators, from several of the leading brands within Australia. Such as, Davey, Pool Magic, Klorman, Salt Mate, Zodiac, Astral, Pentair and many, many more.

Not all chlorinators are the same, although they all aim to achieve the same goal, hassle free pool maintenance. Chlorinators vary in chlorine output, to suit different sized pools. There are self-cleaning reverse polarity models, or standard polarity models. They also come in a wide range of styles, some with led light and digital control user interface systems, others with analog / mechanical user interface systems. Every system has its own pros and cons.

Using chlorine is the proven way to destroy bacteria, viruses and algae in a pool. Saltwater chlorination produces its own chlorine when mildly salted water is passed through the salt cell (salt is made up of two elements – sodium & chlorine). The chlorine dissolves instantly in the pool water, going to work immediately to sanitize the pool.
Saltwater chlorinators automate the run time of your pool’s pump and filter system. When sized and set up correctly, they take the hassle out of maintaining a crystal clear pool.

Total Pumps & Irrigation know their chlorinators and can help you navigate the many options available to make sure that you get the chlorinator that best suits your requirements. Give us a call or drop into our showroom and talk to one of our friendly and experienced staff today.


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